Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Patterning with Skitch

The Big Idea: Patterns represent identified regularities and can be used to solve problems.

The Question(s):  What patterns can you create? Can you label and translate your pattern?

  1. Design a pattern using any classroom materials.
  2. Take a photo using Skitch on your iPad.
  3. Using Skitch label your pattern
  4. Trade iPads with a partner and translate each other’s pattern.
  5. Be prepared to share aloud with the class what patterns you created.

  1. I was excited by this student's example because it allowed me to discuss with the class how some ways of displaying data highlight patterns.  I asked the students which represent of the pattern was easiest to use when determining the "core" (the shortest part of the pattern that repeats).  The students all agreed that the letter pattern was the most difficult representation to use when looking for the core. 

    These students demonstrated they understood repeating patterns and could describe the core of their pattern when asked.  I was impressed with their ability to not only label their patterns using either a letter or a number code system, but most were able to translate the pattern into a different but equivalent form.  This demonstrated they understood the inherent structure of the pattern since they could represent it using different elements.  

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