Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Personal Strategies

The Big Idea: Numbers have values that can be described, represented, and calculated in many ways.

The Question(s):

How many different ways can you solve this question?

  1. Open up ShowMe on your iPad and write out the question 
  2. Hit the record button 
  3. Explain your strategy
  4. Use one slide for each strategy.

One of the key learning outcomes in our Mathematics curriculum at the primary level is to have students demonstrate their understanding of addition and subtraction (limited to 1 and 2-digit numerals) with answers to 100 using personal strategies for adding and subtracting with and without the support of manipulatives.

Often when teachers view students written work in which they have tried to explain their personal strategies, we are left with questions.

ShowMe is a fantastic app that not only allows students to show what they know using an interactive whiteboard but the recording feature allows students to orally provide further explanation.

In the example below you will view a Grade Two student explaining her personal strategies for addition two numbers.

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